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Heart Rate Monitors - Mio Shape Select Petite, Blue/Black

Heart Rate Monitors
Name: Heart Rate Monitors

Attributes: Mio Shape Select Petite, Blue/Black

Model Description: The Mio Shape Select Petite Heart Rate Monitor is designed for people who want to manage their health through weight control and/or heart rate monitoring. Shape Select Petite helps you to control your weight by counting the calories you consume against the daily target you set and lets you know, when you reached your target. Shape Select Petite also records the calories you burn during exercise and if you want to can deduct them from your daily total. Shape Select Petite accurately measures your heart rate within seconds by touching your fingertip to the face of the watch. Shape Select Petite can also display the percentage of maximum heart rate and calories burned during a workout.

ECG Accurate Heart Rate - medically accurate biofeedback at your fingertips
No chest strap required to measure heart rate - you can wear it all day
Displays percentage of Maximum Heart Rate - shows you how your heart is performing
Water resistant up to 10 meters - you can wear it in the water
Calculates calories burned during any activity where the heart rate is elevated - while wearing your Mio Shape Select Petite any heart-rate-raising activity is turned into a calorie burning workout
Tracks calories consumed during the day against a set calorie goal - makes you more aware of how food consumption affects your health
Includes a MioSense Guide to a fit and healthy lifestyle - common-sense and non-faddish facts about health and fitness and tables that list carbohydrate, fat and caloric contents of many commonly eaten foods.

This full-function sportswatch features time, date, stopwatch, alarm and hourly chime.
The Mio Shape Select Petite features a narrower wristband and a two color design to better fit women.

Product Description: Gauge exercise intensity using your heart rate monitor for a more efficient - and motivating - workout.
Wearing a heart rate monitor is one of the best ways to track and improve your fitness progress. Keep an eye on intensity for a more efficient workout. Increase motivation as your monitor reminds you to pick up the pace, and ensure your safety when it lets you know you are working too hard. Also, use your monitor to easily check resting heart rate and set the most accurate target training zone.

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HRM-16 Heart Rate Monitor, Blitz $99.99 Add to cart
BN-300 Bion A300 $49.99
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BN-30 Bion 30 $99.99 Add to cart
MIO-100 Mio Wave $79.99 Add to cart
MIO-200 Mio Sport $109.99
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MIO-400 Mio Shape Select, Black $129.99 Add to cart
MIO-500 Mio Shape Select Petite, Blue/Black $129.99 Add to cart
MIO-600 MIO Ultimate, Black with chest strap $149.99 Add to cart


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