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Medicine Balls
Medicine Balls:

The medicine ball is a great tool for a complete body workout, especially if it is combined with a Swissball. It can be used to strengthen shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as improving core trunk strength and joint integrity. It also makes an exceptional abdominal exercise tool to create powerful and rock hard abs. Unlike weight machines that are bolted to the floor and give a limited unnatural movement, medicine ball workouts provide weight-resistance through a full range of motion. The medicine ball is a unique tool to learn and train sports specific and explosive motion exercises, therefore the medicine ball is used by many professional athletes, boxers, golf and tennis players and sports associations including the NBA, NFL and NHL

Model Attributes Price
MB-01 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 1kg, 2.2lbs, yellow $17.95 Add to cart
MB-02 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 2kg, 4.4lbs, green $19.95 Add to cart
MB-03 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 3kg, 6.6lbs, blue $29.95 Add to cart
MB-04 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 4kg, 8.8lbs, orange $39.95 Add to cart
MB-05 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 5kg, 11lbs, red $44.95 Add to cart
MB-06 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 6kg, 13.2lbs, yellow $54.95 Add to cart
MB-07 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 7kg, 15.4lbs, black $59.95 Add to cart
MB-08 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 8kg, 17.6lbs, green $69.95 Add to cart
MB-10 Sissel™Medicine Ball, 10kg, 22lbs, black $84.95 Add to cart
MBR-04 Power Medicine Ball With Rope, 4lbs, 7'7" diameter, green $39.95 Add to cart
MBR-06 Power Medicine Ball With Rope, 6lbs, 9" diameter, blue $49.95 Add to cart
MBR-08 Power Medicine Ball With Rope, 8lbs, 9" diameter, red $54.95 Add to cart
MBR-09 Power Medicine Ball With Rope, 9lbs, 9" diameter, orange $59.95 Add to cart
MBR-10 Power Medicine Ball With Rope, 10lbs, 10.8" diameter, black $69.95 Add to cart
MBG-450 Sissel™Double Grip Medicine Ball, 4.5kg, 9.9lbs, green $49.95 Add to cart
MBG-650 Sissel™Double Grip Medicine Ball, 6.4kg, 14.1lbs, black $64.95 Add to cart
MBG-730 Sissel™Double Grip Medicine Ball, 7.3kg, 16lbs, black $69.95 Add to cart
MBG-800 Sissel™Double Grip Medicine Ball, 8.2kg, 18lbs, black $74.95 Add to cart
MBG-1100 Sissel™Double Grip Medicine Ball, 10kg, 22lbs, black $89.95 Add to cart
MBS-S Sissel™Medicine Ball Stand $129.00
Out Of Stock
MBS-L Sissel™Medicine Ball Double Stand $139.00 Add to cart
E-MBW Medicine Ball Workout DVD Length 60 min Format DVD $26.95 Add to cart
P-NP Needle Pump, black $3.95 Add to cart


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